Sapphire Industry Watch – June 26

  • These LED skydivers turned the sky into a piano – Red Bull: In arguably their coolest stunt yet, the Red Bull Skydive Team fell 4,000m in complete darkness and turned the sky into their dance floor. Wired with LEDs, the wingsuits worn by the skydivers were choreographed to the music of Camo & Krooked, and the final video is nothing less than adrenaline-pumping.
  • Warsaw National Museum preserves art while enhancing mood with tunable lighting – LEDs Magazine: In an effort to preserve historic artworks while displaying them in optimum lighting conditions, the Warsaw National Museum has upgraded its lighting system to include LED spotlights with tunable white-point correlated color temperature (CCT). With its vast collection of over 800,000 pieces, the museum is already seeing a reduction in energy use, while still being able to display the works in the highest quality light.
  • Mini demos street lights that also charge your car – Gizmag: As part of Low Carbon Oxford Week in the UK, Mini showcased a new system called “Light and Charge” that would allow electric vehicle (EV) drivers to charge their vehicles from street lights. The units would employ a modular LED design that is more energy-efficient than conventional street lighting and drives would simply need to connect their vehicle and swipe a credit card to begin charging.
  • LED lighting could help with sleep patterns – Electronics Weekly: According to wake-sleep pattern research conducted by the University of Manchester, the changing balance between blue and yellow when the sun rises and sets affects the wakefulness of mammals. As humans’ reactions to the color spectrum continues to become more understood, LED luminaires could be designed to produce custom responses – more wakeful in the morning and sleepier in the evening, for example.

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