LEDs Play Role in October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Chicago Skyline in Pink

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is hard not to notice pink ribbons and lights and even NASCAR race cars and NFL players sporting pink for breast cancer awareness.  If you live near a major city, you probably have noticed a building or landmark lit up in pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month this October.

Landmarks and even hotels around the world turned pink for October including Montparnasse Tower in Paris, Mexico City’s Angel of Independence, buildings at Haifa University in Israel and even Jumeirah Group, a global luxury hospitality management group and a member of Dubai Holding, turned hotel facades pink in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mallorca and Shanghai.

LEDs help building managers take part in these types of events because they are easily programmed to turn a certain color or pattern. Here’s a sampling of the buildings and landmarks taking part in many of the campaigns worldwide, many of which are lit up with LEDs.

Philadelphia, PA — One of the most thorough and organized landmark lighting events took place in Philadelphia with more than 100 buildings sporting pink lights. During the month of October, the city skyline has been pink. One building even featured a pink ribbon in light.  You can view a video of the “Lights For The Cure” Skyline Tour.

Philadelphia’s Famed Boathouse Row

Chicago, IL – Chicago also shined pink for Breast Cancer Awareness in October.  Organized by the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation, 140 buildings in the Chicago area turned pink.

London, UK – Historic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, and Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square London went pink in support of Breast Cancer Campaign’s Action Month.

The Tower of London illuminated pink for Breast Cancer Campaign’s ‘Turn London Landmarks Pink’ for breast cancer awareness month

New York, NY – Leveraging a new LED lighting system, the Empire State Building turned pink from October 14 to October 16.  The famed George Washington Bridge also turned pink in honor of breast cancer awareness.

Washington, DC — President Barack Obama declared the month of October to be National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a presidential proclamation and turned the White House pink. The White House has become pink since 2009 for the yearly October event.

The White House Turned Pink

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