Ringing in 2011 Brighter than Ever

2010 was great for LED Light Bulbs. In just a decade, the Times Square Ball went from state-of-the-art halogen lighting in 2000 to completely solid state lighting on the ball’s 100th anniversary with a mere 9,576 LEDs in 2007. 2010 concluded with the 2011 Times Square Ball shining bright with 32,256 LEDs. That’s a lot of progress for LED or solid state lighting.

The year 2010 also was filled with a lot of high profile advances in display lighting such as the new Dallas Cowboys stadium, home of Super Bowl XLV, sporting a record breaking, four screen, high definition LED display over the football field. Each screen uses more than 2.695 million LED pixels to impress fans during events like the 2011 Super Bowl. The new Yankee Stadium features a new Diamond Vision Screen with more than 8.6 million LEDs in the display.

General lighting for the consumer saw advances too as LED light bulbs become more affordable. Powerhouse retailer Home Depot committed to selling LED light bulbs for around $20. According to Home Depot, it now offers a proprietary brand of LEDs under the EcoSmart name, including a bulb that retails for $19.97 and is a 40W equivalent, offering 429 lumen with a 50,000 hour expected lifetime. This makes it the most affordable bulb of its kind in the market to date. Just two years ago, a 60-watt equivalent cost $90 and a 100-watt dimmable bulb went for $360. That’s a lot of progress on the affordability front.

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