LEDs Shine Brighter with Patterned Sapphire Substrates (PSS)

LEDs are being adopted across a wide range of products, from general lighting, automobile headlights and traffic signals, to backlighting for consumer devices like HDTVs, smartphones and tablets.

Evidence of that, LED manufacturers racing to improve luminous output and reduce cost in order to win greater market share.

The July/August 2014 issue of LEDs Magazine features Rubicon Technology’s Donggeun Ko, Jacob Yoon and Jangho Seo, who discuss how applying patterns on an LED substrate or wafer can significantly help increase LED light extraction.

In fact, it’s reported that patterning can improve the extraction of light by as much as 30 percent.

The article in LEDs Magazine outlines key considerations for effective PSS design to maximize light output of LED chips, such as reducing defect density and total internal reflection losses.

The full article in LEDs Magazine can be viewed here.

It’s also worth mentioning …

Today, sapphire wafer manufacturers have begun to put patterns on sapphire wafers in partnership with the LED chip manufacturers, with most sapphire manufacturers concentrating on small diameter patterning in the 2-to-4 in. range.

Manufacturers of large diameter wafers, such as Rubicon Technology, are developing PSS for large wafers (up to 8 in. diameters) and differentiating their offerings with better quality control and an unmatched end-to-end manufacturing process.

Interested in learning more? Check out additional info about patterned sapphire substrates here.

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