Sapphire Industry Watch – August 22

  • Kobe Bryant Is At Loss For Words After Seeing Nike’s Futuristic LED Court – Yahoo Sports: During a recent trip to Shanghai’s basketball training facility, Kobe Bryant helped Nike debut an LED basketball court with lighting that resembles a video game in technology and design. It can be used as a training or practice aid by employing the motion sensors built into the floor to track players’ movements. The high-tech court is part of Nike’s “Rise” initiative with youth players in China in advance of its World Basketball Festival, September, in Barcelona.
  • Entrepreneur Lights Up LEDs To Improve Car Safety – USA Today: Entrepreneur Michael Haas caught the media’s attention at Monterey Car Week with his custom addition to the black Jaguar he drives: a row of sequential amber LED lights on the car’s doors that blink in unison with turn signals as an extra, stylish, safety measure. The Haas Perimeter Lighting Technology system is designed to warn drivers in another car’s blind spot that the vehicle is turning or changing lanes, and as well as adding an elegant aesthetic. Haas is pitching the system to major automakers as well as selling to dealers and vendors.
  • What Is Sapphire, The Super-Tough Display Material That Might Come To The iPhone? – Fast Company: With the buzz surrounding Apple’s iPhone 6 release, Fast Company breaks down the basics of sapphire and its uses in the smartphone industry. Author Chris Gayomali explains how sapphire comes to be and its incredible strength, as well as the other products that already use sapphire.
  • Mid-Power LEDs To Account For 48% Of Markets In 2014 – Semiconductor Today: IHS Inc. analyst Jamie Fox predicts the growing lighting end-market in 2014 to account for 35 percent of all packaged LED dollars, more than all backlighting combined. He also predicts that mid-power devices will represent 48 percent of packaged LED revenue in lighting applications in 2014 and 81 percent in terms of units. The market for mid-power LEDs has grown rapidly, and Fox predicts 2015 will see an even larger increase due to inclusion of cost-effective LED backlighting as an essential part of most global companies’ portfolios.
  • Lighting Improvement Project Will Enhance Campus Sustainability – News at Princeton: As part of the Princeton Sustainability Plan, the university will convert more than 100,000 fixtures to LED in buildings around campus. By using LED technology, the university will increase cost savings as well as lower the maintenance costs due to LEDs long expected life. The goal of the Sustainability Plan is to reduce the university’s carbon emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.
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