Sapphire Industry Watch – September 19

  • Lettuce, From a Skyscraper Near You – Earth Island Journal: Over the past ten years, enclosed vertical farms have appeared all over the world, from Singapore, to Japan, to the United States. One of the main benefits of these indoor farms is they fill the gaps in local food production since they allow for the production of food just about anywhere. According to the Association for Vertical Farming, indoor farms require 98 percent less water than traditional farms and with recent advances in LED technologies, energy-savings are becoming substantial.
  • Trends in Business LED Lighting – Clean Techies: U.S. Department of Energy statistics show that about 49 million LEDs were installed in the U.S. in 2012 which led to savings of approximately $675 million in annual energy costs. Given these statistics, what can we expect out of LEDs in the future? As LEDs have gained traction as a highly effective and beneficial way of lighting spaces, we can anticipate seeing lower prices, more lighting controls, the ability to adjust color temperature and more outdoor and overhead applications of LEDs.
  • Rubicon Technology (RBCN) CEO to Step Down – Rubicon announced on September 17 that Raja Parvez will step down as Chief Executive Officer and current CFO William Weissman will serve as interim CEO until a permanent CEO is appointed. Parvez has played a leadership role at Rubicon since 2006 and has been key to the company’s vertical integration strategy as well as market-leading product innovation.
  •  No sapphire on your new iPhone? China’s Huawei has you covered – Reuters: Though Apple may have disappointed consumers by not putting sapphire on its new iPhone, the material has already made its way on to other mobile devices. Last week, China’s Huawei Technologies was the first major handset maker to announce the use of sapphire screen covers. Rubicon CFO Bill Weisman noted that all smartphone manufacturers have been meeting with all major sapphire producers.
  • Follow the light: LED-lit displays boost candy sales, claims Mars – Addressing a problem identified in a 2012 Envirosell study that found 59% of shoppers did not consider checkout purchases because they didn’t notice anything, Mars Chocolate North America and Wrigley have introduced cash counter racks illuminated with LED lighting. The companies claim this can increase front end confectionary sales by 10-12% as the new LED racks attract more attention.
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