Sapphire Industry Watch – October 3

  •  10 Unconventional Uses For LEDs – BuzzFeed: You may not have known that in just this last year, LEDs hit the high fashion runways of Paris, made appearances at the Super Bowl and starred in the special effects of the Oscar-nominated movie “Gravity”.  You also may not have known that these increasing applications for LEDs have become possible thanks to sapphire substrates which power the majority of the world’s green, blue, white and UV LEDs.
  • Using LED Lights to Change Moods – Unlike other light bulbs, it is possible to control the color and the intensity of the light of LEDs. This allows for a huge variety of lighting choices while using only one type of LED. According to a senior manager at NRECA’s Cooperative Research Network, fluorescent lights sap energy while the color of LEDs can be adjusted to make people feel happier and less tired at the end of the day.
  • Engineering at Illinois to Induct Six to Hall of Fame– ECN: The University of Illinois College of Engineering inducts George Craford, the inventor of the first yellow LED, into its Hall of Fame. During his time at Illinois, Craford worked closely with Nick Holonyak, the inventor of the first visible direct band gap LED which is an invention that enabled the evolution of the high performance LED technology that we know today.
  • California Lights the Way with Proposals for Energy-Efficient Lights– Imperial Valley News: The California Energy Commission released a drafted staff report that notes the energy efficiency of both small diameter directional lamps which are often used in commercial track lighting settings and LEDs. There are currently about 600 million general-purpose lamps in residential buildings in California and moving to LED lamps could cut the energy consumption of these bulbs to less than half.
  • Infinity Portal a Steampunk lift– Steampunk Art Gallery in New Zealand debuts Infinity Portal, a three meter by three meter room with a futuristic high-tech mirror and hundreds of multi-colored LED lights suspended from the ceiling. An original soundtrack was crafted for the room and the lights can be sped up or slowed down to match the style and the tempo of the music.
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