Successful Guy Lighting at Normal Guy Prices

In General Electric’s latest commercial, “Enhance Your Lighting,” Jeff Goldblum stars as Terry Quattro, an over-the-top celebrity who claims to owe all of his success to “really great lighting.”

The viral video, which now has over 1.7 million views on YouTube since premiering on September 29, promotes GE’s Link LED smart bulb that can connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled from a free smartphone app called “Wink.”

While LED lighting may not always be the most “sexy” topic, it does have some real advantages that GE promotes cleverly in its video.

For instance, one of the biggest misconceptions is that LEDs are expensive. That’s simply not true, since the Link bulb lasts 22 years and costs just $14.97— that’s only 66 cents per year or less than $0.002 a day!

LED-based lighting also presents an opportunity to not only significantly reduce energy consumption and save costs over the long haul, but also fundamentally change the way we deploy, monitor and control lighting systems.

Check out the video, and take it from Goldblum —

“For an embarrassingly small amount of money, you can kiss your horribly lit, non-successful life goodbye.”

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