Sapphire Industry Watch – October 24

  • LED Lights Are A ‘Transformative Technology’ In The Developing World – NPR: LED lights, in combination with solar panels, are causing an illumination revolution for people in the developing world who do not have access to reliable sources of electricity. According to the IFC, 2.1 million LED-solar products have been sold worldwide in the past six months to people who are unable to plug in to electrical grids. While groups have tried to deliver reliable energy services to people without access to modern energy in the past, cost was the most prohibiting factor. With LED efficiency improving and prices dropping, it has become the go-to lighting source for these areas.
  • The Wellograph smart watch review – AppAdvice: The Wellograph launched in September and is considered to be the first smart watch with a sapphire display. The smart watch is an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, pedometer and stopwatch, which is powered by a tri-LED heart rate sensor and 9-axis motion sensor.
  • Farmers turning to LEDs for more efficient lighting – Iowa City Press-Citizen: Many Iowa hog farmers are embracing LED lighting to reap in savings on utility bills and maintain more efficient operations. Unlike CFLs, LEDs can handle harsh Midwestern weather conditions- they function well in cold temperatures as well as heat up to 145 degrees.  In addition, LEDs are providing better lighting for the hogs, which are known to have poor eyesight, and produce lower frequency sounds which is good for cows as high frequency sounds can cause them discomfort.
  • US Energy Department Announces $10M For Solid State Lighting Research – Compound Semiconductor: The US Energy Department announced $10 million of funding to support research, development and manufacturing of solid-state lighting technologies across the country as part of the Obama Administration’s efforts to cut energy waste and double energy productivity by 2030. While the LED technology of today produces about 150 lumens per watt, the Energy Department is striving to increase this to 250 lumens per watt- a 75 percent increase. Solid-state lighting technologies have the potential to save Americans $26 billion a year in energy costs by 2030.
  • China’s LED lighting industry on verge of explosion – WantChinaTimes: Following growing demands in domestic and global markets, experts say China will see a huge growth in the LED industry in the near future. China’s exports of LED lights to developed countries have remained steady and a recent report states that overall exports will maintain 40% annual growth for an estimated three to five years.
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