Glowy Zoey “The LED Baby” Becomes a Business

This time last year, 22-month old Zoey Hutain became an Internet sensation after her father posted an irresistibly cute video of her in an LED stickman Halloween costume. The video of “Glowy Zoey” quickly went viral, leading to over 22 million views on YouTube, along with appearances on shows like Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Fallon, Nightline, CNN and more.

Now, anyone can “shine as bright as little Glowy Zoey did” since Zoey’s father, Royce Hutain, recently launched his own online business to sell LED sitckman suits for toddlers, children and adults — just in time for the holidays!

His online store promotes the stickman suits (and, of course, benefits of LEDs):

The costume edition of the Glowy Zoey LED suit is made to be affordable to anyone who wants to light up their world. You will not find a brighter, more eye-catching costume than this brilliantly shining LED stickman costume! Not only will you or your child be the center of attention, you will also be the safest. We have done tests where this LED Halloween costume has been seen from a mile away! Make light of everything you do and join the hundreds of others that have already joined the Glowy Zoey family!

While he says it was never his intention to start a business out of the homemade costume he made purely for fun, the idea sparked after he received over 1,000 emails last October inquiring where to purchase the same outfit Glowy Zoey was wearing.

This year, Hutain has had costumes of several different sizes and stick figure outlines manufactured, including a Minnie Mouse suit Zoey wore especially for a trip to Disney World. The Disney-inspired suit features 372 multi-colored LEDs and hides a microphone to make the suit responsive to sound.

Make your own LED costume and share it with us on Twitter (@RubbiconSapph) for a chance to win a $100 gift card!

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