Sapphire Industry Watch – November 7

  • LED bulb efficiency clearly pulling ahead of compact fluorescents – Ars Technica: A new generation of LEDs with the energy efficiency of nearly 100 lumens per Watt hit the market in 2014. Compared to the energy efficiencies of compact fluorescent, roughly 60 lumens per watt, and incandescent bulbs, 15 lumens per Watt, LEDs are clearly pulling ahead as the most economical lighting choice for most users.
  • Sydney Opera House lights up Concert Hall with new lamps after first major upgrade – ABC News, Australia:  The Sydney Opera House received an award-winning lighting upgrade involving 355 custom-made LED lights, which are guaranteed to last 50,000 hours each. As one of the most high-profile performance venues in the world, the scale of LED coverage creates a unique performance environment. This is the first major upgrade to the theatre’s lamps in the building’s history and is predicted to cut the Concert Hall’s power bills by 75 percent.
  • LEDs light up NYC for the Empire State Building Halloween light show – Mashable: The Empire State Building hosted its second annual Halloween light show the night of October 31, programming colorful lighting changes and animations to sync to songs such as “Monster Mash” and “Ghostbusters”.  The building’s 1,200 LED lighting fixtures begin on the 72nd floor and continue up the mast. The LED fixtures were installed in late 2012 and the Halloween light show was designed by world-renowned lighting designer Marc Brickman, who also designed the building’s Halloween show in 2013.
  • Global LED market ‘could hit US $25.7bn in 2015’ – Want China Times: Industry research center LEDinside predicts the value of the global lighting market will reach $82.1 billion in 2015, $25.7 billion of which will be made up of LED lighting. The LED market penetration rate will reach 31% next year. Europe is anticipated to have the largest market stake with 23 percent of worldwide LED lighting, followed by China at 21 percent and the United States at 19 percent.
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