Sapphire Industry Watch – November 14

  • BMW develops street lights with electric car-charging sockets – Reuters: German luxury car maker BMW has developed two prototype “Light and Charge” street lights equipped with sockets to charge electric cars. A pilot program to test out the street lights, which combine LEDs and BMW’s ChargeNow recharging stations, is set to launch in Munich next year using existing local authority lighting networks. Drivers will be able to pay to charge their cars through a mobile phone app.
  • Christmas lights world record attempt taking shape in Canberra– The Canberra Times: Well-known for his extravagant light displays every Christmas, this year Australian David Richards seeks to break the Guinness world record for the largest LED light image display. Opening on November 28 at Petrie Plaza in Canberra, Australia, the massive light display will feature 110 kilometers of string lighting with an LED light every 10 centimeters. The current Guinness record is held by an Uzbekistan energy plant with 1,012,840 lights.
  • Guest Commentary: Sapphire Substrate Advances Lead To Bright LEDs at Lower Costs– Solid State Lighting Design: Akhtar Zaman, Senior VP of Quality SLM for Rubicon Technology, explains how the trends toward Patterned Sapphire Substrates (PSS) and larger-diameter sapphire wafers are facilitating greater light extraction efficiency and more efficient LED chip manufacturing.
  • Radar-Enabled Light Bulbs Automatically Detect When the Elderly Fall– Gizmodo: A Japanese company has developed a pair of LED light bulbs featuring built-in laser-based radar that has the ability to track the movements of someone within 26 feet of its vicinity. Invented to help keep a closer eye on the elderly, the light bulbs automatically send alerts when they detect a person has fallen or suddenly stopped moving. They can also intelligently process data to determine if someone has fallen or just simply fallen asleep.
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