Sapphire Industry Watch – November 21

  • GERMANY: Mercedes-Benz plans LED headlamp advances – Just Auto: In order to boost light quality and increase night visibility, Mercedes-Benz plans to increase the number of LEDs in each headlamp from 24 to 84. With as many as 1024 pixels per LED, this will enable optimum illumination of the road at every speed and in all traffic conditions. In the near future, Mercedes-Benz plans to also incorporate an additional high range LED high beam into its LED headlamps.
  • The end of Edison’s light bulb– Tech Central: Unlike incandescent light bulbs, LEDs can do much more than simply light up a dark room. With the development of smart lighting technology, LEDs can now be programmed and controlled wirelessly through smartphone apps which can make them even more energy efficient. When they were first developed LEDs struggled to provide the same light output as incandescent bulbs, but recent advancements have allowed them to catch up. The energy savings and extended life of LEDs is spelling the end for Edison’s light bulb.
  • Fujitsu tech enables LED-lit objects to transmit data to smartphones– gizmag: Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a system that enables RGB LED-lit objects to convey data to a mobile device. When running the proper software, the smartphone can detect the code in the light being rapidly displayed on the object and respond by displaying informational content, navigating to a website or doing whatever else is stipulated.
  • National Gallery goes green with lighting overhaul– By combining the use of LED lighting with a system that automatically adjusts external roof blinds, the United Kingdom’s National Gallery has become one of the first public buildings in the world to achieve 85% energy savings on lighting. In addition, to protect paintings from light damage, a control system has been integrated into the Gallery’s building management system that augments natural light coming through the building’s skylight by adjusting the output from LEDs.
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