Sapphire Industry Watch – December 5

  • Orbital Sciences’ Third Mission to Space Station Ready to Educate & Inspire – Product Design & Development: Orbital Sciences’ latest mission to the International Space Station will transport a student research project that will test the effects of microgravity and light wavelength on plant growth, specifically pea shoots. Seeking to identify the best combinations of red and blue LED lights to grow the pea shoots in space, student researchers will analyze the plants’ mineral content upon return. The results could lead to more efficient crop production on Earth, especially in areas with limited resources.
  • Greener stadiums: Sports world sees the (LED) light – GreenBiz: As the cost curve continues to fall and technological advances continue to be made, sports stadiums have finally begun making the switch to LEDs. Though sports venues have been slow to adopt efficient lighting breakthroughs in the past, LED lighting systems have become preferred over metal halides since due to their low energy consumption and light production efficiency.
  • A Skokie Native’s Smart LED Light That Mimics the Sun Is a Hit on Kickstarter – ChicagoInno: Invented by a native of Skokie, Illinois, the Sunn Light is an LED light that changes color and brightness with the rhythm of the sun. The Sunn Light is designed to improve sleep and increase focus by helping adjust our internal clocks to the right time of day.
  • Let it glow! Father breaks world record with incredible Christmas display that uses 120kms of LED lights – Daily Mail Online: Australian David Richards breaks the Guinness World Record for largest Christmas LED light display by using 120km of lights and more than one million bulbs to decorate Canberra’s central business district. The extravagant light display, which has been nine months in the making, is done annually in an effort to raise vital funds for the SIDS and Kids charity.
  • Have you noticed a change in the Des Moines skyline? – KCCI 8 News: Not only is the 801 Grand in Downtown Des Moines the tallest building in Iowa, but thanks to the recent installation of LED lights, it is now the brightest. As part of a $284 million renovation, the entire downtown campus is receiving an outdoor lighting upgrade in order to light up the area more brightly and to save money.
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