Sapphire Industry Watch – December 12

  • Denmark laboratory shows off latest energy saving street lamps– CCTV America: The Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab is demonstrating the world’s most efficient outdoor lighting systems in a small industrial park just outside Copenhagen so that city planners can get a first-hand look at what is available for their municipalities.. All examples have Wi-Fi computer management systems and several have motion sensors and LEDs. These technologies bring enormous potential for energy savings, particularly in developing countries where it is essential to bring down the carbon footprint.
  • “Inspired Light” Combines Light Painting And Automotive Photography– Fstoppers:  World-renowned light painting photographer Patrick Rochon recently finalized a project with Infiniti where he photographed XQ70s in motion with multi-colored LED strips attached to them, making it appear as though the cars painted pictures. Precision drivers were hired to “light paint” with the vehicles, each of which had a total of 2,520 LEDs with output exceeding 30,000 lumens.
  • Nobel Prize winners reflect on difficulties faced in developing blue LED– The Asahi Shimbun: The three winners of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics spoke at Stockholm University on December 8 about the difficulties they faced in the 1980s as they were developing the blue LED. They recalled that one of the biggest obstacles was creating crystals needed for the blue LED from gallium nitride. After years of trying to come up with the right material, the pure crystals were finally created in 1985.
  • Designers illuminate us on their winter wonders– The Japan Times: While Japanese lighting displays rarely include typical Christmas icons such as Santa or dancing snowmen, the illuminations are just as whimsical and often serve as a showcase for technological advances in the field of LEDs. These displays have become massive endeavors with corporate sponsors ranging from real estate companies to brands such as Hennessey Cognac. Architecture professor at Tokyo City University Shiego Kobayashi noted that the massive display of light lift people’s spirits and eases the coldness of the long winter nights.
  • LED market to grow at 17.9% from $46.4bn in 2014 to $105.5bn in 2019– Semiconductor Today: As the usability and efficiency of LEDs over traditional light bulbs has steadily increased over the last decade, the global market for high-brightness LEDs is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.9% from nearly $46.4 billion in 2014 to $105.5 billion in 2019. LEDs for general illumination applications have the highest growth rate of any major segment.

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