Sapphire Industry Watch – December 19

  • Rubicon’s interim president & CEO made permanent; VP – financial operations becomes CFO – Semiconductor Today: Rubicon Technology announced that its Board of Directors has appointed William Weissman to the permanent position of President and CEO. Weisman has been Interim CEO and President since September 17, 2014 and Chief Financial Officer since 2007. He has also been appointed a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Why LEDs Are Conquering Lighting – Popular Science: As the cost of LEDs continues to plummet and stricter efficiency standards are enforced, we are reaching a tipping point when it comes to LED conversion. LEDs are quickly becoming the preferred lighting source for a variety of applications, from home lighting to street lights.  Because they’re so efficient and highly programmable, LED adoption will continue to rise in the foreseeable future.
  • Christmas Lights Can Be Seen From Space By NASA Satellites– Huffington Post: The effect of holiday lights in cities and suburbs around the world is so powerful that the difference from normal lighting conditions can be detected from space. NASA satellite images show certain cities shine between 20 and 30 percent brighter during the holiday season and in the near future, satellites may even be able to differentiate between traditional lights and LEDs.
  • Virginia Beach switching to LED lights for roadways – Virginia Beach will begin installing LED lighting technology to all new roads moving forward, with 180 LED street lights being installed on the newly expanded Princess Anne Road in January. Unlike the old-style lamps which glowed yellowish-orange, the new flat fixtures will illuminate the street with white light. The city expects to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by switching to LED lights.

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