Sapphire Industry Watch – January 9

  • The World Rings in 2015 – Net News Ledger: Proving again to be one of the world’s most extravagant New Year’s Eve spectacles, the Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve Gala featured the “World’s Largest LED-illuminated Façade” along with a firework display and laser light show. The record-breaking display featured over 70,000 LED bulbs that took nearly 200 skilled professionals to set up.
  • 2015: The Year of the LED – Eco Tech Daily: Though LEDs have been around for decades, they are likely to trend in 2015 due to the huge reduction in manufacturing costs in recent years and enhancements to their lighting output. If adoption trends continue, LEDs are likely to see increased use in commercial and household lighting, street lighting car lighting and as a compliment to architecture in 2015.
  • San Jose begins installing LED street lights – San Jose Mercury News: As part of an effort to save money and make streets safer, the San Jose Public Works Department began installing LED street lights to some city streets during December. Each new lamp offers wireless control from a central location and can be dimmed. The costs of the LED lamps will be offset by a combination of energy savings and rebates from PG&E.
  • LED lighting improves strawberry quality and yield, say Wageningen researchers –Horticulture Week:  According to Dutch researchers, strawberries grown with supplemental LED lighting were found to be sweeter, more aromatic and “fruiter” while vitamin C content increased. In addition, researchers found that production increased by around 15 percent.

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