Sapphire Industry Watch – January 23

  • Future looking bright for local ski hill – Wetaskiwin Times: Upon receiving a grant, the Gwynne Valley Ski Area in Alberta, Canada, has begun to install a new LED lighting system, complete with underground wiring to provide brighter and safer slopes for skiers and snowboarders. Although the winter weather has temporarily delayed the underground wiring portion of the project, six LED lights have already been installed to test the brightness of the lights and additional lights may be on their way.
  • Philly scientist working to help get astronauts a good night’s sleep – newsworks: Along with researchers at Harvard, George Brainard, a neuroscientist at Thomas Jefferson University, is working with NASA to develop new LED lighting systems that could help induce sleep for astronauts aboard the International Space Station. The system, which would replace aging fluorescent lights, is designed to help astronauts increase their average sleep time from less than six hours, to closer to the recommended eight.
  • LEDs Magazine announces finalists for inaugural Sapphire Awards– LEDs Magazine: LEDs Magazine has announced the finalists in the inaugural 2015 Sapphire Awards program for both enabling technologies and lighting products in the solid-state lighting (SSL) sector. The judges selected three to four finalists in each of 13 categories, naming Rubicon Technology as a finalist in the category of SSL enabling technologies for its large-diameter patterned sapphire substrates submission. Winners will be announced at a Gala on February 25, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV in conjunction with the Strategies in Light and The LED Show co-located events.
  • Race engine manufacturer installs LED lighting in California shop – LEDs Magazine: In an effort to better light its shop, Ed Pink Racing Engines has converted its Van Nuys, CA shop to an all LED lighting system. The system, designed by LEDtronics, provides clear lighting for the precise work that goes on in the shop and has also led to a 70 percent decrease in energy use over the previous fluorescent system. The team at Ed Pink estimates that the cost savings will pay for the conversion in 13 months.
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