The LED Light Painter

When you picture LED light bulbs, do your thoughts initially jump to how efficient, durable and cost-effective they are? After all, they represent the most recent advancement in the evolution of the light bulb.

But beyond their innovative qualities, do you ever stop to consider LEDs as beautiful, colorful or even artistic?

Photographer Patrick Rochon certainly does. Over the past few years, he has taken eye-catching photographs involving LED lights, long exposures and flash, making his stills appear as though he painted them with light. Rochon’s most recent work, Inspired Light, was done in collaboration with Infiniti Motors in Dubai and features SUVs with approximately 60 feet of LED strips carefully fixed onto them.

CarPhoto credit: Patrick Rochon

The images, which take weeks of planning and measuring to set up, are not digitally manipulated in any way. Instead, Rochon uses different exposure times and settings to create a single image. For this shoot, it took four experienced technicians four hours to prepare each vehicle.


Photo credit: Patrick Rochon 

Rochon began establishing his reputation as a light painter back in 2013 when he collaborated with RedBull and Snap! Orlando to photograph wakeboarders that were wearing LEDs in the dark. Through the use of LEDs and long exposures, he was able to capture the fluid motion of the wakeboarders as they moved around a lake.


Photo credit: Patrick Rochon 

This collaboration successfully mixed sports and technology together to capture the beauty and fluidity of athleticism in a way that had never been done before.

For a closer look at how the innovative project came to life, check out the behind-the-scenes video below.

As Rochon continues to push the boundaries of photography, we look forward to seeing more of his beautiful LED projects.

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