Sapphire Industry Watch – February 27

  • Electric cars and LED streetlights to help Edinburg meet emissions targets – Herald Scotland: This week, the Edinburgh City Council began considering adoption of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) that aims to reduce carbon emissions 42 percent by 2020. One proposal put forward in the plan is the replacement of street and tenement stair lights with energy efficient LED systems.
  • New branding at Great American Ball Park – WVXU Cincinnati: When the Cincinnati Reds return from spring training, they’ll find new signs at their home stadium, Great American Ball Park. The $1-2 million project was paid for by Great American Insurance Group and will replace three neon signs throughout the park with new LED signage. The LEDs will use less electricity and operation costs will be approximately 80 percent less than the current neon signs.
  • UL researchers LED the way – Clare Herald: Researchers at the Circuits and System Research Center at University of Limerick have received $380,000 in funding from Enterprise Ireland to develop technology that will make LED light-bulbs programmable. The technology will allow homeowners to control the level, tone and even color of light emitted from an LED light-bulb. The research aims to develop ‘smarter’ digital control algorithms to allow for increased functionality, as well as significant savings in energy consumption.
  • This Smart LED Jump Rope Flashes Stats in Front of Your Face – Gizmodo: Smart Rope, an LED-laden jump rope is putting a twist on fitness-tracking. Like a wearable, the jump rope tracks your movements and generates stats, but thanks to the LEDs embedded in the rope, it then displays your stats right in front of your eyes while you’re working out.

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