Industry Watch – Sapphire at Mobile World Congress 2015

Although the theme of Mobile World Congress 2015 was expected to revolve around topics like 5G or USB type-C, many were undoubtedly surprised by the prominent presence of luxury items, the majority of which featured sapphire and, of course, LEDs.

Sapphire certainly made a strong name for itself in Barcelona, debuting on consumer electronics such as smartphones and the biggest hit of the show, The Huawei Watch.  These products along with conceptual security glasses proved that the real theme of MWC 2015 was luxury.

How a Chinese smartwatch became the surprise hit of Mobile World Congress – The Verge: During this year’s Mobile World Congress, Huawei unveiled its first smart watch, The Huawei Watch. Designed with a more classical look in mind, the smartwatch’s stainless steel build and sapphire crystal face make it feel like an actual timepiece. The Huawei Watch turned heads during the show and was noted as one of the more surprising stories to come out of this year’s MWC.


AVG camera- confusing glasses fool facial recognition – CNET:  At MWC, security software developers AVG debuted their conceptual privacy glasses, designed to obscure the user’s face when a smartphone camera is pointed at it. Studded with infrared LEDs around the frame, the glasses beam IR light that is invisible to the human eye but has the ability to confuse filters employed by smartphone cameras. As a result, the camera cannot recognize the user’s face to tag the user, disguising one’s personal identity.

Smart Glasses

HTC One M9 First Look: A Focus on Fixes – The Wall Street Journal: The HTC One was deemed the “best Android Phone ever” at last year’s Mobile World Congress; however, it was later criticized for having a subpar “ultra pixel” camera that produced low-quality photos. The new HTC One M9 debuted this year with a 20-megapixel camera with an upgraded sensor and sapphire glass lens to resist scratches.


Even though Mobile World Congress has now come to an end, it is clear that the possibilities for applying sapphire and LEDs in consumer electronics are just beginning.

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