Sapphire Industry Watch – March 20

  • Railroad bridge offers rainbow of lights – The Leaf-Chronicle: The RJ Corman Bridge in Clarksville, TN has been given a much need facelift with the thick rust that once covered its exterior being replaced by coats of historic silver paint and the installation of 104 individual groups of LED lights. Each group of lights is made up of an array of red, green, blue and white LEDs and can be programmed to display almost any color.
  • Orlando entrepreneurs create night lights for runners – Orlando Sentinel:  An Orlando couple has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their invention of LED lights that mount of runner shoes, called “Night Runner Shoe Lights”. Essentially LED lights that clip onto a runner’s shoe, the devices can light a path up to 30 feet ahead of the runner, allowing them to see more clearly at night.
  • Stunning video shows people surfing at night with LED surfboards and wetsuits – Business Insider:  As part of an upcoming surf film they’re producing titled “Invasion”, French production company Band Originale filmed professional surfers Axi Munian and Jerome Sahyoun surfing on LED outfitted surfboards and wetsuits at night off the Moroccan Coast.
  • LED street lights conversion coming to more areas of San Jose – Spartan Daily: San Jose’s LED conversion program, which has already converted a total of 3,400 low-pressure sodium bulbs to LEDs, is showing savings, with the lights tested saving 40-60 percent more electricity compared to the old bulbs. Along with energy savings, the new lights are giving city engineers more control over lighting by allowing them to regulate usage and control individual lights from a central location.

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