Sapphire Industry Watch – March 27

  • Disco Dog smartphone-controlled LED vest makes your dog a party animal – Slashgear: New York creative firm PARTY has invented a LED covered vest for dogs – dubbed Disco Dog – that can be controlled by a smartphone via Bluetooth to display animated patterns of light. In addition to making a dog the life of the party, the vest has additional safety features, such as the option to automatically update the vest with a scrolling message of “Lost Dog” if the pup runs out of range.
  • Aerial fire truck add-ons to boost function – Fire Chief: LED technology is being used on aerial fire trucks to improve visibility and scene safety. Manufacturers are installing LED rope lights on both sides of ladders to better illuminate the path to the building, making it safer for personnel climbing the ladder and easier for the turntable operator to see where the ladder is during low visibility conditions.
  • This Millennium Falcon paper model looks real enough to fly – CNET: After four years of tedious assembly, Polish artist and self-proclaimed “Star Wars” fan Bernard Szukiel debuted his paper model of Hans Solo’s legendary ship, The Millennium Falcon, at the “Star Force” exhibition in Torun, Poland earlier this month. Measuring at 38 inches, the model was built using only paper, thin cardboard, a few wires, clamps, optical fibers and LED lights. The LEDs allow the model to light up like in the original movie.
  • Rubicon showcasing large-diameter patterned sapphire substrates for LED market – Semiconductor Today: Rubicon Technology showcased its large-diameter patterned sapphire substrates as well as its line of 4” and 6” polished sapphire wafers for the LED industry at LED Taiwan 2015. With an edge exclusion zone as small as 1mm, Rubicon offers LED chip makers more usable area to maximize the number of chips per wafer. LED Taiwan 2015 was held in Taipei from March 25-28.

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