Sapphire Industry Watch – May 29

  • Data Transmission with LED Light to Be Possible – Business Korea:  A Korean research team from The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute has successfully developed visible light communication networking technology capable of delivering information through LED lights. This technique – which could begin the lighting communications era – allows people to receive information through network transmission devices by storing and sending digital information when LED lights blink.
  • New LED lights shine on bridge to Belle Isle – Detroit Free Press: Arriving just in time for Detroit’s Grand Prix racing weekend, more than 300 new LED light bulbs have been installed across the MacArthur Bridge on Belle Isle. As part of a ceremony to celebrate the bridge’s new lights, a bright red Grand Prix pace car drove across the bridge while the white LEDs were switched on. Lighting costs for the bridge are expected to drop to a third of what they were prior to the LEDs.
  • This is why we should be farming in skyscrapers – CityMetric: Futurists have been dreaming of ways to feed Earth’s growing population for decades, but thanks to new technology, there might finally be a solution. By utilizing LED lighting and indoor growing methods, vertical farming could be the way of the future by providing food to cities while also helping save ecosystems around the world from being converted to farmland.
  • Supermarket LED lights talk to smartphone app – BBC News: French supermarket chain Carrefour is the first retailer to install a new LED system capable of sending special offers and location data directly to shoppers’ smartphones. Codes are transmitted to phone cameras via light waves that are undetectable to the human eye, enabling shoppers to quickly receive information on promotions going on around them.

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