Back to School with More LEDs

New LED Scoreboard at Allen High School, Allen, Texas

New LED Scoreboard at Allen High School, Allen, Texas

With most American students returning to school, we’ve put together a look at two schools that are taking advantage of LED lighting to save money and improve the learning environment.

Special Ed

LED lighting in special education classrooms creates a better learning environment.  The buzzing and flickering from fluorescent fixtures often bother or distract special education students.  Administrators from Cherokee Elementary School in Scottsdale, Arizona believe that LED light fixtures will help students focus more, particularly special education students.

With the help of MaxLite, Cherokee Elementary School replaced 69 2’x4’ fluorescent fixtures with 60 2’x2’ Direct Lit LED Flat Panels in four classrooms.  The move will save nearly 60 percent in energy consumption, plus reduce maintenance costs since the panels are designed to last 50,000 hours or up to 13 years.  In addition, the school received utility rebates for the energy conservation measures to help offset the cost of the lighting retrofit.

Extreme Stadium at Allen High School in Allen, Texas

Texans famously like their football, especially high school football.  Perhaps the most ambitious high school football stadium is in Allen, Texas.  Approved by voters in 2009, Allen High School set out to construct one of the largest high school football stadiums in the US.  Opening for the 2012 season, “Eagle Stadium” at the suburban Dallas high school features 18,000 seats (the band is 675 members alone), NaturalGrass Matrix turf, a 75-by-45 foot HD video scoreboard from Daktronics (that includes LEDs), a weight room, a press room and private boxes that rival some college football stadiums.  The new stadium worked, the Eagles were the 5A State Champions in 2012 with a record of 15 – 1.

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