Sapphire Industry Watch – June 19

  • Light on your feet! Japanese inventor creates LED dancing shoes that allow users to paint the town any colour they like – Daily Mail: With artists and performers in mind, Japanese inventor Yuya Kikukawa has designed shoes with 100 LED lights and motion sensors in each sole. The “Orphe shoes“ can be controlled independently from a tablet, allowing the creative wearers to paint the town with their feet in customizable patterns.
  • Mount Rushmore introduces unique lighting system – KDLT News: Thanks to a new LED lighting system, the night time viewing experience has been improved for the nearly two million visitors who visit the Mount Rushmore National Memorial each year. The recently installed system will result in less light pollution while reducing energy consumption by 90 percent.
  • Through the wormhole! Waterslide with spectacular LED lighting gives sensation of travelling through time – Daily Mail: Bad 1, an indoor leisure pool on the German coast of Bremerhaven, features an incredibly colorful LED waterslide that is undoubtedly the fantasy of every child. Completely unsuspecting from the outside, multi-colored rings and lights provide riders sliding down the 25 foot tall and 256 foot long waterslide with the feeling they are traveling through a wormhole.
  • Why LED lights may become standard equipment on most cars – The Cheat Sheet: According to the Department of Energy, as LED prices have gone down in recent years, both their value and availability have skyrocketed. This drop in price will allow more cars than ever before to feature LED lighting. What were once considered a luxury, features such as sport LED- headlamps, daytime running lights and LED-charged turn signals are becoming much more common on affordable automobiles.